Welcome, please enjoy, and add what you feel would help nudists

Hello, I have been a nudist for 6 yrs now, I have never been so relaxed in a life style as this. I have camped most of my life, and found the people for 95% of the time very friendly, but you take that, and combine it with nudist's, you get it 100 times more. Nudist don't care as much as what you look like, or what you have, but whats inside. Nudist come from all walks of life, yes all walks.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First time tring a resort

If you really want to try being a nudist, and there is a resort close to you call and talk with them. Find a family park, they usally will help a first timer. Find a clothing optional resort, so you can ease into things, people understand, and once you start talking to people, you'll feel more at home, and fall right in. Bring 3 towels, 1 for sitting on, 1 for drying once out of the pool, and on to shower with. Always use your towel for sitting, never sit on a chair with out a towel. Use sun block, not only the first time but all the time for a deeper tan. There all all shapes and sizes of people at a resort, they were first timers once also, and will be glad to make you feel at home. Remember that they are people to, and the only difference is the elected not to be wearing clothes, and once you have tried it, you'll know why. Tks again, and have a great naked day

About nudist

What i like about nudist, well most of us, is that the way they welcome you into the family. They don't care about what you wear, what you have, but the inner you, the outer you, isn't as important. Just because we don't wear clothing at our resorts, and maybe at home, doesn't make us bad people. God brought us in this world naked, and people put clothes on you. The body is such a beautiful thing a work of art, why should it be a sin to not be able to wear clothing if you chose. Did you know that in France there is a whole nudist town, where everyone is a nudist.